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Certificates Loan Rates Saving Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: November 1, 2020
Credit TierCredit Score
D599 and lower
Credit Tier Financing Breakdown
A, B, C 100% Financing D 80% Financing
LOAN TERMS (Collateral)
$25,000 minimum84 months
$15,000 minimum72 months
$12,000 minimum60 months
Less than $12,00048 months
Loan TypeABCD
New-Auto/Motorcycle (2019 newer) 3.25%4.25%5.75%7.25%
Used-Auto/Motorcycle (2018 older)4.25%5.25%6.75%8.25%
Recreational/Heavy Equipment (2019 newer)5.50%6.50%8.00%9.50%
Recreational/Heavy Equipment (2018 older)7.75%9.25%10.75%12.25%
Share Secured Loans
3% above posted dividend for previous quarter – term up to 120 months (all tiers)
Credit TierLimit Term Rate
Aup to $4,00036 months11.00%
up to $6,000 48 months11.00%
Bup to $4,00036 months 12.00%
up to $6,000 48 months12.00%
Cup to $4,00036 months 13.00%
Dup to $2,000 24 months15.00%
Quick Pay
(A and B Tiers Only Qualify)
Up to $3,00012 months9.00%
Minimum Advance or Refinance amount $500
Late Charge
If your payment is 15 days or more late you will pay a late charge of 5% of the payment due.
Minimum Payment
Your minimum payment is $25.00, determined after each advance
Proof of full coverage insurance is required on all collateral loans (comprehensive and collision).
We offer
GAP Insurance (plus $25.00 fee)
Credit Life (Limitations-please inquire)
Credit Disability (Limitations-please inquire)
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